Daily Thought for: 13th March


Song of Songs 1. 7-13

Typical of Hebrew expression, these few picturesque words of the spouse paint impressions on the canvas of our thoughts and invite deepening meditations. So enamoured was she with her beloved that a small sachet of this costly fragrance preoccupied her. Resting in her affections in a way known to no others, his preciousness filled her last thought at night and her dawning awareness of a new day.

This book celebrates the love that gilds earth’s ultimate relationship. By the Spirit’s design, it points us to that higher relationship we enjoy. Our soul’s longing is satisfied when our Beloved is to us a Bundle of Myrrh. This secret communion is the purpose for which we were made and redeemed.

Myrrh’s fragrance enhanced one’s attractiveness, Prov. 7.17; Esther 2.12. The singular attractiveness of our Beloved emerges anew in the way Scripture associates His life with myrrh. The proverbial bitter taste of myrrh reminds us that He lovingly endured the bitterness of ‘the pains of death’ for us. This enhances the fragrance of every Biblical association with myrrh. In His infancy, the wise men presented Him with myrrh. In Psalm 45, myrrh is the leading fragrance of all His garments. How fragrant is His moral beauty, His character! He is truly fairer than the children of men. Grace is poured into His lips, ‘dripping with myrrh’, Ps. 45. 2, 8; S. of S. 5. 13. The savour myrrh lent to the anointing oil, Ex. 30. 23, speaks of the fragrance God’s Anointed brings to every work entrusted to His hands. Mark associates myrrh with His death, Mark 15. 23. It was refused, for nothing mitigated the waves of His infinite sufferings for us. The copious myrrh, John 19. 39, infusing His grave clothes with fragrance, would not mask the odour of death. Instead, the spices declare that He who ‘saw no corruption’ was as fragrant in his death and resurrection as in His exquisite life.

While the spouse enjoyed the fragrance of her beloved, others would be attracted by the same fragrance she carried with her. Only when our Beloved is a Bundle of Myrrh to us will others be attracted by our Christ-likeness.


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