Daily Thought for: 13th March


Joshua 15. 13-19; Judges 1. 12-21; 3. 5-11

Achsah: spiritual keenness marks this believer as a true daughter of Caleb, who clearly had a faith of her own. She desires a field, as the virtuous woman, Prov. 31. 6, and also springs of water, Josh. 5. 19, for what is land without water? Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs, a picture of the filling of the Holy Spirit (cf. also Elisha’s double portion, 2 Kgs. 2. 9), by whom alone we bring forth fruit for God, Eph. 5. 18; Rom. 7.4b; Gal. 5. 22. She is a fit wife and help meet for Othniel, (‘force of God’, Heb. STRONG). She not only has eyes for the present but the future; for their inheritance, and its productive potential; on things of substance. Commendably she does not ask for jewels, servants, etc.; cf. Elisha’s facilities in the Shunamite’s home, 2 Kgs. 4. 10. Here is a woman thirsty for Canaan’s blessings. 

Othniel: spiritual strength and power mark this believer. He has a wonderful prospect before him; a bride of sterling worth and land as an inheritance; together they present a challenge to faith in God and devotion to Achsah. By conquering the enemy he claims them both. Later in life we find him conquering the enemy again, but this time to deliver the people of God, Judg. 3. 9-10. Here he is presented in association with the Spirit of God, for all work of deliverance and effectiveness for God is through His working, Zech 4. 6. So Saul is presented as he begins his first missionary journey, being referred to by this name for the last time, Acts 13. 9. 

Othniel and Achsah are a finely-matched couple. Their marriage is contrasted with those of many of the people, Judg. 3. 6. The narrative of Othniel, the first judge, shows the influence a woman can have on a man for good and for God. The narrative of the last judge, Samson, demonstrates the reverse. 

Othniel is a type of Christ: he is the first man of whom it is written ‘the Spirit of the Lord came upon him’. Some interpret his name ‘the lion of God’; he belongs to the tribe of Judah. He conquers to obtain a bride; the word ‘deliverer’, Judg. 3. 9, can be translated ‘saviour’ (RV, JND). 


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