Daily Thought for: 25th February


Psalm 51. 1-11

This psalm, written almost 3,000 years ago, has proven to be of enormous comfort to many a child of God. Who cannot identify with David in his iniquity, transgression and sin? And who cannot rejoice with him in the thrilling reality of recovery and restoration? David takes us to the depths of sorrow for sin, (proving that he really was the man ‘after God’s own heart’) and we soar with him to the heights of his restoration. There is nothing to be lessened in the matter of sin. But neither is the work of the One who restores souls to be minimized either.

This psalm points out to us one of the significant contrasts between David’s day and ours in connection with how God deals with His people. In David’s day, the Holy Spirit would come on a man or woman for a time or purpose, but would also leave. In our day the Holy Spirit does not leave, but comes to abide with us forever, John 14.16.

However there are also similarities. He is God’s Holy Spirit. Just as He could not abide David’s sin, neither can He abide ours. He will not leave us when we sin, but we do grieve Him and hinder His work in our lives. Our bodies are said to be His temple, 1 Cor. 6. 19, and they need to be governed in a way that is suitable for His dwelling place. Thankfully for us He will help and empower us to live holy lives, Rom. 8.1-13.

The Spirit of God assures us of the presence of God day by day. He is ‘spirit’ and operates as such. It is not merely an idea or influence that is with and in every believer but a Person. At the request of the Son, He was sent by the Father on the occasion of the Lord Jesus going away, John 14.16. The worldwide spread of the gospel, resulting in the conversion of millions around the world, demanded a work of the Holy Spirit, rather than the physical presence of the Lord among a few disciples in a single place.

His work is varied. He produces fruit, Gal. 5. 22-23, and guides, Acts 16. 6-7, and strengthens His people, Acts 9. 31. He confirmed the early witness of the apostles, Heb. 2. 4. But His greatest work today is to make Christ known to us, John 16. 13,14.


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