Daily Thought for: 5th December


Acts 16. 1-3; Philippians 2. 19-24; 2 Timothy 1. 6, 7; 4. 5-13

A few cameo studies will complete our all-too-brief time with Timothy, a man of God. 

Consider first in Acts 16 his willingness to be circumcised to eliminate causes of offence. Born of a Greek father and a Jewish mother, by the Gentiles he would be treated as a Jew; by the Jews he would be treated as a Gentile. To maximize his effectiveness as a believer he was prepared to undergo this painful operation, following Paul who ‘became all things to all men that by all means he might save some’. Am I prepared to sacrifice— to forego for the sake of the gospel and the needs of others—or does my comfort come first? 

The aforementioned is the more remarkable when we appreciate that Timothy was probably in delicate health, being encouraged ‘to use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake, and thine often infirmities’, 1 Tim. 5. 23. He was probably a little timid, necessitating the exhortations ‘let no man despise thy youth’, 1 Tim. 4. 12, and ‘stir up the gift of God which is in thee . . . for God hath not given us the spirit of fear (timidity)’, 2 Tim. 1. 6, 7. The Lord chooses His servants carefully, and it isn’t always the robust, healthy, domineering characters He entrusts with spiritual tasks. Take heart, brother or sister, if similarly placed, for the One who calls is the One who, knowing all, gives strength for the day. 

Again, consider the picture painted of Timothy in Philippians 2. 19-23; ‘I have no man likeminded who will naturally (genuinely, sincerely) care for your state’. Such young men are rare and are needed sorely today. These are young men who look to the needs of others, and have so modelled themselves on the Lord and other godly believers as to bring real encouragement, support and sustenance to their fellow believers. 

Finally, in 2 Timothy 4 consider what Paul was able to put on to the shoulders of Timothy. Verse 5 in particular reveals the calibre of Timothy; ‘watch . . . do . . . make full proof of ’—what capability! Likewise in verse 13, ‘the cloak . . . bring . . . the books, but especially the parchments’—what reliability! Timothy was a spiritual young man and a role model for us all. 


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