Daily Thought for: 4th December


2 Timothy 2. 1-26

The letters Paul wrote to Timothy not only reveal the unique bond between them but some of the characteristics of Timothy. In 2 Timothy chapter 2 we see seven pictures of the believer that Paul is able to apply to Timothy. 

In verse 1, Timothy is spoken of as ‘my son’. As a son he could be strong for God but only ‘in the grace that is in Christ Jesus’. All other blessings rest on the basis of ‘relationship’ as we become sons of God. 

In verse 3, he is to ‘endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ’. We are never promised an easy life when we are chosen to be soldiers of Jesus Christ, but are provided with the armour with which to fight for Him. Every day this armour is to be put on if we are to stand, and each day we are to live above the circumstances of this life, this evil world.  

As an athlete I am to ‘strive for masteries’ in verse 5, and I will not be crowned unless I strive lawfully. Timothy was being reminded there were guidelines to be observed, and God’s commendation is only for those who conform. 

The ‘husbandman’ in verse 6 is one who works hard, tilling, sowing then reaping. If he wants an increase then hard work must precede it. Timothy had seen this to be the pattern then, and nothing has changed today. 

To be ‘approved unto God’ involves diligence in study, for this is the characteristic of a workman, v. 5. When Timothy’s workmanship is on public display it is a reflection of his Master and, likewise, our handling of the scriptures of truth must be just as accurate if we are not to be ashamed or to misrepresent the Lord. 

Verse 21 presents the picture of a purged vessel that is ‘sanctified and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work’. So Timothy was encouraged to be ‘instant in season, out of season’—always to be in a fit condition to be used by the Master whose vessel he is. 

Finally, verse 24 gives instruction about ‘the servant of the Lord’. Surely, this is one who recognizes he has been redeemed and must embrace any opportunity for service without contention and for the honour of his Master. 


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