Daily Thought for: 13th November


Acts 8. 26-39

In his two-part book, Luke records the conversion stories of many individuals. Each account underlines the importance of the individual person to God. Our passage supremely illustrates this. God moved in this man’s life, and also moved an evangelist from scenes of blessing just to meet him personally in the desert. God is the God of the individual, and He cares for each of us personally. 

The eunuch’s story shows us that the gospel is a message for all mankind. The man from Africa is saved by the same Saviour as the Roman Cornelius and the Hebrew Saul of Tarsus. Men and women of all backgrounds find their deepest needs and strongest longings met in the Lord Jesus, the Saviour of the world. He can satisfy every kind of individual. 

In his homeland, the eunuch had power and prestige, but these did not satisfy. He had a longing for reality. Idolatry could not fill the void within. His search led him to Israel’s God, and drew him all the long miles to worship in Jerusalem. 

Even there his quest was not completed. Ritual did not bring him to God, but God was working behind the scenes. The eunuch had acquired a scroll of Isaiah, and God was going to reveal Himself through His word. As he journeyed, he read the great gospel chapter of the suffering Servant. God directed the eunuch’s mind to that passage, and directed Philip to come to expound it to him. Slowly or suddenly God is still working in people’s lives, awakening interest in His word and drawing them to faith in Himself. 

The sincerity of the eunuch’s search is shown by his eagerness to confess his need of help in understanding the word, and by his genuine questions. Philip gladly answers them and thus unfolds the saving message of the Lord Jesus. The eunuch responds by opening his heart to receive the Saviour. Then he confesses Him openly by lip and, in God’s way, believer’s baptism. 

His search ended and his questions answered, the new convert travelled home filled with joy. His life was transformed. In meeting Philip, he had also met the Lord. True happiness comes from a living encounter with Christ. 


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