Daily Thought for: 26th October


Matthew 26. 14-16, 47-50; John 13. 2, 18-30

The first time we read of Judas in the New Testament is in the list of the twelve apostles, and each of the synoptic writers identifies him as ‘Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him’, Matt. 10. 3; Mark 3. 19; Luke 6. 16. It is noticeable that in the two incidents where he comes to prominence, his concern is with money. When Mary took a pound of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, his objection was that this ointment could have been sold and given to the poor. He cared not for the poor, but because he kept the bag (holding the group’s financial resources). Perhaps he thought that the three hundred pence could find its way into his possession by some devious means. 

Judas was a thief. 

He was mercenary minded, and all his actions and motives were geared to monetary gain. ‘What will ye give me?’ Matt. 26. 15, is typical of his attitude. They covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver and he sought opportunity to betray the Lord. 

Judas was a traitor! 

Even when the Lord revealed his betrayal to His disciples in the upper room they did not suspect Judas, and they were surprised that one of their number could contemplate such a dreadful deed. 

Judas had lived with the Lord Jesus, travelled with Him, saw His miracles, heard His gracious words, witnessed the uniqueness of a sinless life. We wonder how he could consider selling Him to His enemies. The psalmist, emphasising the intimacy of Judas with the Saviour having lived with Him throughout His public ministry, prophesied, ‘mine own familiar friend, in whom I confided, who did eat of my bread, hath lifted up [his] heel against me’, Ps. 41. 9, JND; cf. John 13. 18. Thirty pieces of silver! 

What a shameful insult! What a travesty of justice! What despicable betrayal! Surely this was the greatest treachery ever perpetrated! The word of God teaches us the ‘love of money is the root of all evil’, 1 Tim. 6. 10, and sadly Judas stands as the supreme example. 


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