Daily Thought for: 23rd October


Luke 10. 38-42; John 11. 18-32; John 12. 1-3

The first thing we read about Martha is that she received the Lord into her house. She was preparing Him a meal, and certainly that was entirely commendable, but Mary left her and sat at Jesus’ feet. 

Martha’s agitation with her sister.  

Martha the worker, felt neglected by Mary the worshipper. She complained and suggested that neither Mary nor the Lord really cared. 

The Lord pointed out that the one thing that was needful was to give first place to communion with Himself by sitting at His feet and hearing His word. Martha was to learn that worship comes before service. She had been distracted by her much serving and became self-centred rather than Christ-centred. Her words indicate that her service, which in the first place was motivated by love for Christ, had by this time become overwhelmed by feelings of being left to cope, and that no one cared. 

Martha’s anguish for her brother.  

The sisters sent the message that the one whom the Lord loved was sick. However, Lazarus died, and as soon as Martha heard that the Lord was approaching Bethany, she went to meet Him; ‘Lord if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died’, John 11. 12. These words indicate the faith of Martha. She believed that Jesus could have prevented Lazarus from dying, but her faith was still imperfect. She was yet to learn that He could have healed, even from a distance; even more, that He could raise the dead. The Lord sought further to draw out her faith, and announced that Lazarus would rise again. She affirmed her belief also, but little realised that it would happen that very day. 

Her faith was yet again strengthened when it was revealed to her that the One in her presence was ‘the resurrection, and the life’, and at that point her faith radiates out in such splendour that it causes her to confess, ‘Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God’, John 11. 27. After Lazarus was raised from the dead, they made the Lord a supper; noticeably, on this occasion Martha served without complaining, just content that her Lord was there. 


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