Daily Thought for: 18th October


Luke 17. 11-19 

The Lord Jesus was moving toward Jerusalem and, as He entered into a certain village, He met ten leprous men. What a pitiful sight! They ‘stood afar off’, because the contagious nature of the disease required this, but more than that the law demanded it, Lev. 13. 46. Thus they were diseased, unclean, and having to dwell in isolation outside the camp. 

Respectfully crying out from a distance, they implored the Saviour, in mercy, to heal them. The response of His compassionate heart was to tell them to go and show themselves to the priest. As things stood the priest would have pronounced them still unclean, but they responded in faith to the Lord’s command, and as they went they were cleansed. 

Only one, when he saw he was cleansed, turned back to express thankfulness, and he was a despised Samaritan. In an act of voluntary gratitude and devotion, he ‘with a loud voice glorified God’, v. 15, and ‘fell down on his face at his feet’, v. 16. 

‘Where are the nine?’, v. 17, is the Lord’s pointed question; ‘they are not found’, v. 18, is His telling commentary on the situation. 

It is sad today, that the Lord’s people are often taken up with their blessings rather than the Blesser; too often we are content with the gift but we forget the Giver. Could it be in times of trouble we are quick to pray, and slow to praise

This stranger was the only one who returned, and he spontaneously gave expression to the feelings of his heart, and in so doing gave glory to God. Every believer should cultivate this man’s noble example of the grace of gratitude. It was the psalmist’s desire, ‘that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!’, Ps. 107. 8. 

The man, still with his face at the feet of the Saviour, was invited to rise and go his way in the knowledge that, ‘thy faith hath made thee whole’, v. 19. His was intelligent faith, and he alone heard these words of assurance and comfort. 


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