Daily Thought for: 17th October


Luke 13. 10-17

The Lord was teaching in a synagogue on a Sabbath day when He saw this woman with a great deformity. Luke, the beloved physician, vividly portrays her as, ‘bent together and wholly unable to lift her head up’, v. 11, JND. She had been in this condition for eighteen years, bound by Satan. 

The woman is a picture of helpless sinners unable to save themselves. 

The action of the Saviour when He saw her, was to call her, to speak to her, to lay His hands on her, and heal her without being asked. She was set free from her bondage and, for the first time for eighteen years, she could stand upright and with dignity. 

This was no gradual improvement for it happened in an instant! The sinner who comes to Christ is immediately freed from the bondage of sin. She had been bound by Satan for eighteen years and loosed by the Saviour in a moment of time. Fittingly, this resulted in instantaneous praise as she gave God the glory. 

The anger of the ruler of the synagogue was roused because the Lord had healed on the Sabbath day. The legalism of formal religion had divested this man of compassion and mercy. He argued that there were six days in a week when people could be healed, but ironically he could not have healed the woman on any day. 

The Lord reproved their hypocrisy. He reminded them that they did not hesitate to loose an ox or an ass on the Sabbath in order to let it drink. Since they showed such consideration to a dumb animal on the Sabbath, was it wrong for the Saviour to perform this act of healing on a daughter of Abraham? 

The effects of the miracle were threefold. Firstly, His adversaries were ashamed, because their callous indifference to the plight of this poor woman had been exposed. Secondly, the people rejoiced at ‘all the glorious things that were done by him’, v. 17. 

Thirdly, the adoration of the woman was immediate, and she rejoiced in the fact that she had been made straight and glorified God. 


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