Daily Thought for: 17th October


Colossians 2. 1-7

In writing to the Colossians Paul has been reminding them of the supremacy of ‘his dear Son’. He has done this in relation to God, the creation, the church and to the believers themselves. He is their Head and they are His body. At the close of chapter 1 Paul expounds this personal relationship further by stating what was a mystery, previously not revealed, but is now a reality, Christ is ‘in you’, v. 27.

This has been done to combat false doctrine which would devalue the person of the Lord and could ‘beguile’ and ‘spoil’ the believers through ‘enticing words’ and ‘philosophy and vain deceit’. Bad doctrine usually leads to bad practice so must be guarded against. In our verses the truth is summarised in the words: ‘ye ... received Christ Jesus the Lord’. We, like the Colossians, have not accepted a religious idea, joined a denomination, entered a cult, or been persuaded by the ideas of men. We have ‘received’ a person and what a person! He is ‘Christ Jesus the Lord’. This is the fullest title used of the Lord in the New Testament. In days of casual language, the Lord being referred to continually as simply ‘Jesus’, with salvation being offered as ‘taking Jesus’, this statement confirms the fullness of the One we have received. Salvation occurs when in faith we accept the Saviour in all His majesty. He is Christ Jesus, the one who always was, but became a man. He is the ‘Christ’, the one and only Messiah and Saviour of sinners and He is the absolute sovereign ‘Lord’ of those who receive Him.

Now, having received Him, the reality of this must be seen in our life, ‘so walk ye in him’. A body should not operate independently of its head. This would be abnormal. We have not been left to fumble about following the creeds, traditions or rules of men. We are to emulate a person: Christ Jesus the Lord. For example, in scripture we are instructed to ‘Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus’; ‘as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you’; to ‘follow’ Him and be holy, even as He is holy. He is the standard in relation to our sentiments, service, suffering, steps and sanctification, until we are changed into His image.


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