Daily Thought for: 11th October


Matthew 9. 18-19, 23-26; Mark 5. 22-24, 35-43;
Luke 8. 41-42, 49-56

In this remarkable incident a twelve year old girl was raised from the dead. This was not ultimate resurrection in the true sense of that word, but a temporary resuscitation. This girl later died— true resurrection is to rise from the dead never to die again, and that was the case with the Lord Himself. 

Jairus was burdened about his desperately ill daughter. He was a local leader and ruler of the synagogue but in humility ‘fell at his (Jesus’) feet’. This was a public action because, ‘much people gathered unto Jesus’. He was a man on an urgent mission, determined to gain the attention of the Lord. He pleaded with Jesus to come, realizing that only Jesus could make his girl better. 

So we see his deep concern for his daughter; he loved her and he had true faith in the Lord, believing that Jesus could heal her. He prayed to the Lord and requested the presence of the Saviour to cure his daughter. Thus love and faith met in the genuineness of prayer. Is our love for people, and trust in the Lord, reflected in genuine outpouring of supplication to the Saviour? 

Though Jesus consented to go, there was some delay as He ministered to a woman who had been ill for twelve years. We can imagine Jairus’s agitation, especially when he received news that his girl has died. It now seemed unnecessary for the Lord to come to his house. Yet Jesus, determined to go, encouraged Jairus, ‘Be not afraid, only believe’. 

When Jesus arrived at the house He put out those who were wailing and mourning, except Jairus, his wife and three disciples, Peter, James and John. He said about the girl, ‘she is not dead, but sleepeth’. Of course, she was dead, but Jesus was stating that she was not irrevocably dead and as if awakening from sleep He would raise her from the dead. 

With wonderful gentleness the Lord took her by the hand, spoke quietly to her and she immediately arose. It was an astounding miracle that demonstrated His power over death. Jesus did not want news of the miracle to be broadcast far and wide. Yet such news cannot be held back and ‘the fame thereof went abroad into all that land’. 


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