Daily Thought for: 10th October


Mark 5. 1-20

This is someone who experienced the power of Satan in his life. He was dominated and did terrible things, many of which were self-destructive. He was fascinated with death and lived in a graveyard. He had unnatural strength, managing to break out of chains. In an agitated state, he yelled out loudly. He cut himself with stones, a tormented man, violent, uncontrollable and self- destructive. He was beyond human help and his case looked hopeless—but someone arrived who could tame him. 

That person was Jesus, who with His disciples stepped out of a boat to be met by this raging man. The Lord was Master of that situation as He is of every circumstance in life. 

The man fell down before Jesus and the demons within him spoke to the Lord. They recognized Him as ‘Son of the most high God’; demons were quick to acknowledge His deity. They also recognized His authority and cried out ‘torment me not’. The extent of this man’s demon possession was expressed by his name ‘Legion’. A Roman legion consisted of six thousand soldiers and it would seem unlikely that such a number of demons indwelt this man, (though two thousand pigs were killed!). 

When they were ordered out of the man the demons were allowed to enter the nearby herd of pigs. The herd ran into the sea and were drowned. It reminds us that one person is of more value to God than any number of possessions. Also it was confirmation for Legion that the demons had departed and it may have prevented any sort of exit trauma; even today we know so little about demon possession. Our trust is in the One who has authority over demons, namely the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Legion was at peace and gained dignity by being clothed. This man was made infinitely better, but because the pig herders were worse off financially the local population wanted Jesus to depart from their country. Legion desired to remain with the Lord but was told that his best service was to stay and tell people everything He had done for him. He obeyed and proclaimed the good news of Jesus in Decapolis (Ten Cities) to the east of the Sea of Galilee. The miserable sinner had met the mighty Saviour and had been miraculously delivered. 


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