Daily Thought for: 15th September


Matthew 14. 22-36

Shortly after the feeding of the five thousand the disciples take to the boats to cross the Sea of Galilee. Conditions are difficult, and in spite of much labour in rowing little progress is made. Soon, they are startled to see a figure apparently walking on the water. Some wonder whether it is a ghost, but eventually Peter realizes that it must be the Lord. He solicits an invitation to come to the Lord and with enormous courage he jumps overboard and looking steadfastly at the Lord he finds himself walking on water too! However, because of the seas and the wind he takes his eyes off the Lord. Seeing now only his perilous circumstances he begins to sink, and cries out ‘Lord, save me’, and of course the Lord did. Added to his earlier experiences Peter now is able to appreciate that while looking to the Lord anything is possible; when looking to self and circumstances nothing can be achieved. 

While the Lord may, in some circumstances, still the storm, He may at other times take us through it. Such an experience will convince us of His power and give us confidence. He is supreme, not only in nature but can be in our personal lives as well. 

Thus, Peter and his companions are compelled to fall down in worship giving the Lord the glory and honour due to Him. ‘Thou art the Son of God’, they cry. On reaching the safety of land the Lord runs straight into another ‘storm’. Yet again it was the Pharisees complaining that Peter and the others, who so nearly lost their lives, had not washed their hands before eating—a major matter to them, but one unlikely to bother Peter. The Lord reminded all present that real defilement comes not from what goes into the body but from what comes out. Peter couldn’t understand this teaching and asked for clarification. The Lord spelled out to him the evil nature of man. 

The Lord ordained that Peter and the other disciples should be ‘with Him’, emphasizing the importance of a close relationship with Himself. Peter was close to Him when a woman with an incurable ‘issue of blood’ was remarkably healed, and when a dead twelve-year-old was miraculously brought back to life. 

Fellowship with the Lord, while trusting Him absolutely, guarantees a rewarding Christian life. 


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