Daily Thought for: 14th September


Luke 5. 1-11; John 1. 40-42

Simon Peter was a partner in a successful fishing business located on the Sea of Galilee, at Bethsaida. There were other partners—Andrew, James, John and Zebedee. They also employed a number of hired servants. One day Peter was confronted by his brother, Andrew, who claimed that a person he had met was the Messiah! His name was Jesus, and Andrew introduced Peter to Him at the earliest opportunity. Thus, Peter was attracted to a Person—not to a sect, cult or new religion —but to Jesus. Loyalty to, and trust in, a person tends to be much more intense than that to any organization ever can be. 

At this first meeting the Lord gave Peter a new name— Cephas, meaning ‘a stone’. A new name indicates a new relationship, new circumstances, and new responsibilities. Aware of these the new Peter left the business and followed Jesus. After salvation we too have new responsibilities and circumstances, and of course enjoy a new relationship. We show commitment by a determination to follow Jesus as the priority in life—even if that means forsaking legitimate things that previously have taken up much time and energy. 

One day, while teaching people by the seaside, the Lord Jesus asked for the use of a boat the more conveniently to address the crowd. After the teaching He suggested that it was time to go fishing. In fact, Peter had been fishing all night without success, and while reluctant to waste time he wanted to obey the Lord— so, out they go! The net is dropped, and when pulled up it is seen to be full of fish. Peter cries, ‘Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord’. It is in the presence of the Lord, and seeing His goodness and power, that we can appreciate our own debility and sinfulness. Peter is being prepared for better things— ‘Henceforth, thou shalt catch men’. 

From the depths of the sea we move to family life. Peter’s mother-in-law has fever! They go to see her in Peter’s home. The Lord takes her by the hand and lifts her up. The fever leaves her and she rises and ministers to them. Peter is being taught that the same Lord who controls seas and fishes is also interested in the personal lives of His followers—if only they ask Him, of course! 


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