Daily Thought for: 15th September


Galatians 6. 3-5

The thinking of our world today is remarkably self-centred. Self worth, self assertiveness, self love, self esteem and self expression are some of the buzz words of this present generation. People are encouraged to consider themselves to be the centre of their own universe and god within it. This is an old lie, though it is asserted that it belongs to a ‘new age’.

It is the very opposite of all that the faith presents to us. Our Saviour, in stooping as low as He did, even to the death of the cross, was thinking of others: His followers are to do the same, Phil. 2. 4-5. My brother is my concern in the sense that his spiritual welfare is something I must watch for and encourage, even if the cost to myself is great and others misunderstand. Thus, I must bear his burdens which arise from his having fallen or his propensity to fall. It is a poor thing to think well of self at the best of times, but, if I do so when I am allowing my brother to stumble along the pathway under the weight of his own burdens and I do not share the weight with him, I am doubly wrong.

In contrast to thinking highly of myself, verse 3, I should be proving my own work. This is spiritual and healthy activity instead of mere, inappropriate mental exercise. I prove my own work when I actually bear the burdens of others and am willing to shoulder the weight of failure and its consequences for the all round good of the one who has erred.

May the Lord help us in this matter. It is all too easy to leave the man overtaken in a fault lying in the dust of his failure. But he is my brother. In the parable the Samaritan came where the man was who had been left half dead, and willingly associated with him in his restoration to health when those who knew better passed him by. Many saints have been overtaken in a fault and those around have had a ‘hands off’ attitude. Many such saints still lie wounded at the roadside.

There is rejoicing to be had in this work of helping others, particularly at the judgement seat. Then, we will joy in the works of others as these are seen to be worthy of the Lord. Let us also work now so that we may rejoice also in that which we have done that is worthy of Him, having fulfilled the royal law.


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