Daily Thought for: 11th September


Matthew 2. 1-2, 7-12

We cannot tell how many wise men there were. Neither do we know exactly from where they came—perhaps it was Persia; maybe Babylon. That they were Gentiles is certain and this is very beautiful—that the first question in our New Testament should be ‘Where is He?’, and that it should be asked by Gentiles seeking the Messiah. The rest of the New Testament is in some respects the answer to that question of the wise men, ever directing seeking souls to the Saviour. 

The wise men are known as ‘The Magi’. They were an Eastern religious priestly caste of astrologers, who have been described in MORRISH’S BIBLE DICTIONARY as, ‘men who gave themselves to the study of nature and contemplation of the divine perfections, worthy of being the counsellors of kings’. 

They saw, in their observations, a star which they called ‘His star’. This was no ordinary star. Its message was that the true King of the Jews had been born, and they at once commenced their journey to Jerusalem to look for Him and to present their homage. Were they familiar with Balaam’s prophecy, ‘There shall come a Star out of Jacob’, Num. 24. 17. 

At Jerusalem they consult with Herod and are directed to Bethlehem in accordance with Micah’s prophecy, 5. 2. These men had not followed the star all the way from their eastern homeland, as some suppose. They had simply seen the star there, telling them that the King was born. It seemed logical to come to the capital city to find Him, but when they left Herod, it was then that they saw the star again. Now it guided them, going before them until it stood over the house where the young Child was. 

Their quest was over. They fell down and worshipped. They teach us how to worship, opening their treasures and presenting gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the infant King. Little could these wise men realise, however, the symbolical nature of their gifts. How could they have known that almost two thousand years later, myriads of adoring believers would bring their appreciation of His divine character and the fragrance of His lovely life and the sweet bitterness of His sufferings for them. Wise men always seek Him and wise men always worship. 


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