Daily Thought for: 29th June


2 Chronicles 31

The joy of this great Passover sent the people home with fresh motivation. There was no trouble now in getting rid of idols. Having tasted the joy of the Lord and true worship, the people responded by the removal of those relics of idolatry which still lingered from the days of Ahaz. Not only was the temple cleared but the land and homes of the people transformed as well. 

But can the momentum be maintained? So might we ask as we see the early burst of enthusiasm under Hezekiah. Getting things started is one part, but keeping them going another. Often a state of mediocrity, or worse, can settle in the wake of revival as the euphoria evaporates and people again settle into the humdrum of daily routine. However, as a wise administrator, Hezekiah appointed institutions which were geared to allow the people to continue their support of the temple service. By taking advantage of their present zeal Hezekiah provided channels through which they could express future devotion. This included the giving of firstfruits, tithes and voluntary gifts. 

Hezekiah was not only concerned about the accumulation of the necessary supplies but he was careful also about their administration. Knowing that people are more willing to give when they have the assurance that their gifts are to be properly used, Hezekiah created a very orderly system of administration. Ten reliable men under the management of two supervisors looked after the temple supplies. Others of equal standing looked after the maintenance of the priests and Levites. The people gave willingly and the administrators served faithfully. The supplies were abundant and so the service of the house of God was carried on from strength to strength

Hezekiah himself was a good example. When asking others to give, he himself made a generous contribution from his own resources, 2 Chr. 31. 3. This is true leadership, not only by command but by example! 

The secret of Hezekiah’s energy and effectiveness is disclosed. What he did for the Lord, ‘he did with all his heart and prospered’, 2 Chr. 31. 21. May we have similar single minded devotion as we embark upon the duties of this day. 


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