Daily Thought for: 3rd May


Matthew 6. 31-33

In the verses under consideration, the Lord is drawing the final conclusions to all that He has been teaching from Matthew chapter 6 verse 19 onwards, dealing with the important subject of priorities in the Christian life. He tells us that men of the world are pre-occupied with the material things of this life, whereas the Christian should be completely absorbed in things pertaining to ‘the kingdom of God, and his righteousness’. There are several reasons given why we should have such a focus in our lives.

First, our heavenly Father knows all our material needs and will meet them, v. 32. Secondly, the Lord said, ‘and all these things shall be added unto you’, v. 33. In other words, if we put our complete trust in Him, our heavenly Father will, in addition to spiritual compensations, grant us the material needs that we left in His care. William MacDonald calls this ‘God’s social security program’. Such comforting knowledge will give us inner peace, and free our spirits from the cares that would hamper our pursuit of spiritual things.

Now, what does it mean in practical terms to ‘seek ... the kingdom of God, and his righteousness’? Many things come to mind, but it would surely mean that when it comes to a choice between the demands of the kingdoms of men and the kingdom of God, as Christians we must choose the latter. For example, if our job is making demands on our time and talents to the detriment of our spiritual life, appropriate action must be taken to restore the proper balance. The Lord Himself said, ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s’, Mark 12. 17. A Christian cannot afford to give to Caesar what belongs to God.

On a positive note, it would also mean viewing all of life in light of the eternal, and acting accordingly. It would give boldness and urgency to our evangelical outreach, especially as we see indications all around us that the coming of the Lord appears imminent. our day of service may soon be over. May the Lord enable us to practice these timeless principles in our daily lives, for His glory.


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