Daily Thought for: 16th April


Isaiah 42. 1-4

Even without the confirmation of Matthew chapter 12 verses 17-21, we would have little doubt that the One referred to by Jehovah as ‘my servant’ is none other than the Lord Jesus. Only He could fulfil the qualifications and undertake the great work detailed here. Others referred to as ‘my servant’ are identified by name, Abraham, Gen. 26. 24; Moses, Num. 12. 7; David, 2 Sam. 7. 5. Here the servant is unmistakeably identified by His attributes and character. When we think of the greatness and majesty of the one who ‘took upon him the form of a servant’, Phil. 2. 7, our hearts bow in worship at the magnitude of such condescending grace.

In chapter 41, reference is made to others chosen or raised up, to accomplish the purposes of a sovereign God. Now our attention is drawn to the One in and through whom the entire divine programme will be fulfilled.

In taking up His work as the servant, He is seen in verse 1 as the dependent One, upheld or sustained by Jehovah; One who was a constant source of delight to His Father, as He did ‘always those things that please him’, John 8. 29. He was clearly designated to undertake the work, as confirmed by the approbation of the Spirit, a work which would embrace all nations.

In verse 2 we see the perfect dignity ever associated with His service. He never pursued a pathway of self-promotion, nor ever sought popularity. In service He was the ‘meek and lowly’ one, and in this character He says to us, ‘learn of me’, Matt 11. 29.

In every situation He acted with discernment, v. 3, always able to apply the appropriate action or speak the word to suit each circumstance, with grace and truth in perfect balance.

In verse 4, Jehovah’s confidence in His servant is expressed in the majestic statement ‘He shall not fail nor be discouraged’. We are assured in this that He is utterly dependable; we can trust Him without reservation. He will work diligently until the whole programme of the ages is brought to completion, in order that ‘God may be all in all’, 1 Cor. 15. 28.

Well may Jehovah say ‘Behold my servant’!


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