Daily Thought for: 22nd October


John 12. 1-8

The Lord knew that the Jewish leaders ‘took council together to put him to death’, John 11. 53, so He ‘walked no more openly among the Jews’. Six days before the Passover He came to Bethany. They made Him a supper and Lazarus who had been dead had a place of honour, ‘at the table with him’, v. 2, while characteristically Martha served, and Mary was found at His feet again. 

Mary came to His feet and poured out her worship. Her devotion to Christ moved her to take a pound of very costly spikenard and anoint His feet, and as a result the house was filled with the odour of the ointment. She was demonstrating that absolutely nothing was too precious for her to give to her Lord. He not only desires to have first place in the affections of His people but, of course, He deserves it. Divine love ‘demands my soul, my life, my all’ (ISAAC WATTS). 

To Mary, the Lord was the all-consuming passion of her life. This shining example of Mary should cause us to examine ourselves with regard to our consecration and commitment. Can we truly say as far as we are concerned, ‘He is the preciousness’, 1 Pet. 2. 7, and worthy of all our devotion? 

Mary wiped His feet with her hair, and in doing so doubtless took something of the fragrance of Christ away with her. Not surprisingly she was misunderstood and criticised for this act of affection and worship; this is often the case when somebody gives their best to the Lord. The Saviour’s ministry was swiftly drawing to a close and she would not always have the opportunity to honour her Lord. 

It is significant that Mary of Bethany was not one of the women that went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. She had taken the opportunity to anoint Him while He was alive. The Lord recognised this, and acknowledged that what she had done was, ‘against the day of my burying’, v. 7. 

 The affection and commitment of Mary should challenge us regarding the manner in which we live our lives. The secret of the deeper spiritual life is to be found in sitting at His feet, and this will lead to lives of greater consecration and devotion. 


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