Daily Thought for: 26th February


Psalm 51. 12, 13

Who or what is the ‘free spirit’? Some translations use the expression referring to David’s own spirit as being willing or obedient to do God’s will. This might well be the meaning as it would be the appropriate response to the Lord’s work of restoration and forgiveness in David’s life.

This expression could also be a description of God’s Holy Spirit. The word ‘free’ means to be noble or princely. How fitting a portrayal of the Spirit of God.

Another meaning of the word ‘free’ is liberal or generous. This too accurately depicts the gracious Spirit of God.

It was this free Spirit that David wanted to equip him in his future ministry of teaching transgressors. The Lord could take a restored David and use him to proclaim His grace to others. We, too, need not only to know God’s salvation and restoration personally, but we need the power of the Holy Spirit if we will have fruitful ministries. May the Lord spare us from ministry attempted in fleshly enthusiasm alone.

Liberty and freedom are associated with the work of the Holy Spirit in our day as well. The effect of the Spirit of God on a believer’s life brings liberty and freedom. For example, Romans chapter 8 teaches that the Holy Spirit delivers us from the bondage of fear and brings us into a wonderful liberty of sonship or the ‘spirit of adoption’. We have been given the status of mature sons before God. It is no longer a legal relationship of fear, but one of privilege and freedom. Paul goes so far as to say we are ‘heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ’, Rom. 8.17.

Further, we learn from 2 Corinthians chapter 3 verse 17 that the Spirit gives us freedom from the blindness suffered by Israel. This liberty from blindness shows us the Lord and, says Paul, we are changed into His image and likeness. What freedom!

Finally, Galatians 4 verses 6 and 7 speak of another freedom - freedom from the bondage of law-keeping as a means of practical righteousness. It is the wonderful relationship of sons to a Father and the Spirit’s work of fruit bearing that produce holiness of life. How generous is the Spirit of God to us today.


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