Daily Thought for: 27th October


John 13. 2, 21-30; Matthew 27. 3-10; Acts 1. 15-20

No less than sixteen times the word of God speaks of the sin of Judas in betraying Christ. The Saviour foreknew it, the psalmist predicted it, and the apostle Peter prior to the day of Pentecost interpreted it more fully. 

It is clear, particularly from John’s Gospel, that Judas was controlled by Satan. The Lord said to the disciples, ‘one of you is a devil (Gr. diablos)’, John 6. 70. ‘The devil having already put it into the heart of Judas . . . that he should deliver him up ‘, John 13. 2  JND. The Lord also refers to him as ‘the son of perdition’, John 17.12. 

On two occasions Satan actually entered into Judas. The first time, when the chief priests sought to kill the Lord, Satan entered into Judas and he sought how he might betray Him, Luke 22. 3. Secondly in the upper room after the Lord had given him the sop, ‘Satan entered into him’, John 13. 27. 

We might ask, if Satan entered into Judas, was Judas responsible for his actions? At first the devil put the suggestion in his heart. He would then entertain the idea, and eventually agree within himself to carry it out. It would be at this point that Satan took control of him. Judas betrayed the Lord with a kiss, but afterward was consumed by remorse for this most dreadful of crimes. Typically his fellow conspirators no longer wished to collaborate after the crime was committed, so in his desperation he sought a quick way out. Throwing down the pieces of silver in the temple he went out and committed suicide; he hung himself says Matthew’s gospel, 27.5. The apostle Peter describing this awful episode states how he fell headlong, and was disembowelled. He may have thought that this was the way of avoiding living with his conscience in this life, but by doing so he ushered himself into eternity to face the consequences for evermore. Judas was not consigned to eternal ruin because he was compelled to betray Christ in order to fulfil prophecy, but because he chose to betray the Saviour and in doing so the scriptures were fulfilled, Luke 22. 22. The betrayal of the Son of God by one of His creatures is utterly amazing, and most difficult to contemplate. 


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