Spiritual Renewal

Frank Holmes

Category: Book Review

85p; 144 pages. Quest (Western Publications), South Molton, N. Devon.

The ten chapters of this book are written by several well-known teachers of Scrip­ture. Thesub-title "The Charismatic Quest­ion" denotes the scope of the book. Many believers these days are faced with the challenge of this "interdenominational thrust", and the authors examine its doc­trine, practice and history from many angles in great depth.

The exact nature of the miraculous sign gifts as they took place in the early church is examined closely, after which it becomes quite impossible to agree, that present-day manifestations are in any way similar to the original. Explanations of present-day prac­tice are also given in chapters of warning, while scriptural chapters are for edification and instruction.

Thoroughly recommended for all those who see the dangers of these present trends, and who wish to enrich their know­ledge and ministry with warnings and true exposition.