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Brian Gunning, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. [SEE PROFILE BELOW]

Category: Book Review

Precious Seed

Hardback, 232pp. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. West, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. ISBN 1-897117-02-7

The compiler says in his preface that this book has been put together with the idea of assisting the saints in worship. ‘It is a collection of meditations on the beloved Isaiah 53’ and, as such, is designed to draw the heart and mind to the person and work of the Lord Jesus.

In all, twelve different writers have been used to offer thoughts on phrases from this well-loved chapter. Although only two of the contributors are from the UK, many will be known from their involvement in Precious Seed publications and elsewhere. In the combi-nation of writers there is variety in approach but a consistent desire to direct the reader’s attention and affection to the person of Christ.

The book has much to commend it. In its content, it is Christ-exalting and demon-strates the depth of material that could form the basis of profitable meditation from within these verses. In its presentation, it is beautifully bound, printed on special paper, and with gold-leaf titles on the binding. It would form an excellent gift for any who have a genuine love for the Lord and this most precious of chapters.

AUTHOR PROFILE: BRIAN GUNNING is an elder in the Brockview assembly in St. Catharines. He is editor of Counsel magazine and chairman of the boards of Uplook Ministries and Gospel Folio Press. He is the author of many magazine articles.