An Appreciation OfIvan Steeds

Keith Clayton

Category: Testimony

Our brother Ivan Steeds has come to the time when he feels, on account of family needs, no longer able to continue on the committee of the magazine. Ivan has always given fully and freely of his time and talents to every aspect of producing the magazine and its attendant book ministry during the twelve years he has helped serve in the work.

He joined the committee in 1991 and almost immediately became a member of the publications sub-committee. This led him into the exacting role of editing no fewer than five of the very popular Day-by-Day series of Precious Seed books, and also The Minor Prophets. Ideally aided in this by his academic background, he has devoted hundreds of patient hours to getting these books from typescript to print, and for this labour many of the Lord’s people will be eternally grateful.

In the last few years he has also become responsible for the book reviews in each magazine. This again is a time-taking task, needing patience and a balanced appreciation of what others have written in order to evaluate its benefit for the people of God. Ivan has accomplished this task with great sensitivity and integrity. He will continue to do the Book Reviews during 2004.

He will be missed most of all for his constructive and down to earth contributions to the quarterly committee meetings. One criterion that he strongly advocated needed to be found in any new committee member was that they should share the present committees’ ‘sense of humour’. To this, he himself often added his own brand, and we certainly all agree with him!

He is still very busy serving the Lord in the assemblies, locally and more widely as he is able, through ministry and gospel preaching. We extend to our brother and to his dear wife our deepest appreciation of their fellowship in the work and pray God’s richest blessing upon their future years together.

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