The Mystery of Christ - EPH 3. 4

It is in beautiful accord with what we have already seen, that the chosen vessel to reveal this mystery should be the apostle Paul. The very manner of his conversion gave a suggestion of the entire character of his ministry. It was Christ in glory who appeared to him in the noontide of his enmity and persecution. Christ the glorified Head of the Church called to this bitter enemy, ‘Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me’. Thus at the very moment of his awakening Paul learned two things; that Jesus was glorified, and that His people were in some marked way identified with Him. Those familiar with Paul’s subsequent history, and his writings, know how this revelation on the road to Damascus coloured his entire after life. S. Ridout, The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, p. 93.

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The Mystery of Christ - EPH 3. 4

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