Saved to serve

John W. de Silva

Category: Book Review

Precious Seed

By John W. de Silva
124pp, £5.95. Published by John Ritchie Ltd, 40
Beansburn, Kilmarnock KA3 1RH. ISBN 0-946351-96-1

This volume, in its third edition, relates the life story of Wasyl Boltwin, born in 1925 in Russian Siberia and now, after residence in various locations, engaged in the Lord's work in Australia. The remarkable account of Wasyl's experiences demonstrates how God's hand can reach out in salvation to those entirely out of touch with Himself, living in remote and uncompromising situations. It confirms the intensity with which, subsequently, He watches over them and preserves them in circumstances of extreme danger and difficulty. An atheist, and conscripted into the Russian army during the Second World War, Wasyl was captured by Germans. His harrowing experiences are graphically recorded; they were but a means used by God to bring about his conversion. A vessel chosen by God to reach out to his own Slavic people, he felt compelled to return, eventually, to Europe as a missionary. Learning of the many escapees from the repressive Eastern European bloc settling in other parts of the world he moved to Australia, where he yet works among a large Slavic community. I found this to be an inspiring account of one man’s experiences at the hand of God, a man truly ‘saved to serve‘.