Out of the Shadows Faith Cook

Category: Book Review

Precious Seed


Paperback. 156 pages.  
Published by EP Books, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH, England.
ISBN: 978-0-852347-49-2.


This is another interesting book from Faith Cook. Out of the Shadows is a collection of nine short biographies of men and women who sought to do a work for God in their lives.


It is a testimony to the writer’s skill that she captures something of the character of her various subjects. The deep affection the writer felt for her friend Patricia St. John is as evident as the deep melancholy in the life of Michael Bruce. The carefully selected portions of his poetry convey something of the times and conditions in which the latter lived. Equally, one of the eccentricities of Lorenzo Dow is captured in the account of his marriage proposal to Peggy, the woman who was to become his wife. In it he said, ‘she must be prepared not to stand in the way of his calling. She must expect to see him for only one month in a year’. In 21st Century society such a proposal would be greeted with derision, yet what a mighty work for God was wrought by this devoted couple!


Although, of necessity, each biography is brief, the writer makes the lives of her subjects both interesting and instructive. Whilst we will not agree with the writer’s doctrinal position or that of all the people of whom she writes, this should not be allowed to detract from a book which shows what God can do with lives consecrated to His service.