Hints and signs of the coming King (Author: Kurt Strassner)

R. Catchpole, London

Category: Book Review

Precious Seed

Paperback, 110pp.
Published by Day One Publications, Ryelands Road, Leominster, HR6 8NZ.
Price £5.00
ISBN 978-1-84625-208-2.

This book is sub-titled ‘Pictures of Jesus in the Old Testament’. It comprises the substance of a series of sermons preached by the author. The Lord Jesus said, ‘Search the scriptures . . . they are they which testify of me’, John 5. 39, and in the introduction to this book the author suggests that while faith comes by hearing, God has nevertheless given to us in the Bible many ‘word pictures’ to illustrate and to help us understand ‘spiritual concepts’. These pictures are sometimes given using metaphorical language, such as ‘all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass’, 1 Pet. 1. 24, but equally they can be found in historical events.

In this book the writer develops eight ‘pictures’ God has given in the Old Testament of the work of the Lord Jesus on our behalf. Beginning with Noah’s ark, attention is then given to: the offering up of Isaac; the Passover lamb; the manna from heaven; the tabernacle; the serpent lifted up; the king in the Song of Solomon; and the prophet Jonah. Each chapter concludes with three practical points to reflect upon. As an example of the author’s style the ‘manna from heaven’ is expounded under four headings: necessary bread; undeserved bread; enough bread; and sweet bread. This book is primarily an evangelistic tool, each chapter focusing upon the need to be saved. Gospel preachers might find some of the outlines helpful, and younger believers might be helped to appreciate how the Old Testament scriptures testify of Christ.

[Our thanks to Richard Catchpole, South Norwood, London, for this review]


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