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Since the internet provides such a rapid and global communications network, it can be useful for obtaining up-to-date news of gospel outreach and Christian testimony from all over the world. Several online sources for missionary information are listed below.

In my experience, the easiest and most informative news comes directly from missionaries themselves. Most workers list an email address in their contact details. If you are interested to support particular missionaries in prayer, use their websites, email them directly and ask to be added to their email list for news and prayer updates. 

For a more general overview, there are several mission support organizations that supply news from missionaries on their websites. 


The Echoes website is highly attractive and full of useful information. There is a prayer section, where you can click on any part of a world map and see relevant prayer points for that area, supplied by local believers. Additionally, there is information about ‘global disasters’ and practical ways to provide support. These details are updated regularly. The current Echoes of Service magazine is available to browse directly on the website, along with an archive of back issues.


The Interlink website focuses primarily on mission workers from Scotland, where the organization is based. Latest missionary news is prominent on the front page of the website, with links to further details, older news and a downloadable ‘Prayer Points’ leaflet. Again, the prayer information is updated frequently.

Christian Missions in Many Lands

Christian Missions in Many Lands is, according to the front page of its website, ‘a missionary service organization ministering to brethren assem-bly missionaries from the USA and other countries’. There is a ‘News and Prayer’ section, with plenty of details about such activities as the post-earthquake relief effort in Haiti supported by believers.


Wycliffe translates the Bible into minority languages around the world. They have an extremely attractive website, although the ‘current prayer requests’ section is quite hard to find. A fresh prayer request is posted every day, relating to the spiritual and practical needs of translation teams in various countries. There is an option to receive daily prayer requests by email. The Frequently Asked Questions section of the website summarizes the vital need for prayer, ‘The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results’, Jas. 5. 16 NLT.

AUTHOR PROFILE: He is married and is in fellowship at the Bethesda Gospel Hall, Swinton, Manchester. He has a particular interest in childrens' work. This is his first article for Precious Seed.

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