Flee Lust

Donald L. Norbie, Greeley, Colorado, USA [SEE PROFILE BELOW]

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God created man, male and female, and commanded them to multiply. The goal of sexual desire is children, the propagation of the human race. Animals also have this drive to reproduce. So sex is good, God made it.

But man is made in the image of God, he is more than animal. God made one woman for one man and joined them together as one flesh, Gen. 2. 24, a bond Jesus said should not be broken except by death, Matt. 19. 6. A Christian wedding celebrates the sanctity and permanence of the union.

Paul warned Timothy, ‘Flee youthful lusts’, 2 Tim. 2. 22. Sexual desire begins at puberty and is strongest in the teens and twenties. But that intense desire continues to old age, even into the eighties. Hence, at any age, the admonition is timely, ‘Flee youthful lusts’. But what does that mean?

Flee that which would excite illegitimate passion. What excites a man’s passion? A harlot knows. She wants to entice the man so she dresses provocatively to inflame his lust. A prominent dress designer said he got his ideas for women’s dresses by visiting the city district where prostitutes plied their trade.

Peter urges women to dress modestly, 1 Pet. 3. 1-5. This means she keeps her body covered and causes men to focus on her face and character. A woman can help men think chastely by dressing modestly. By doing this she will help them, and herself, to flee lust.

God tells man to get married and channel this natural, sexual desire toward his wife. Be faithful and committed to one another. This will bring the most happiness, both for you and your children. Yes, flee youthful lusts and live a holy life for God!

AUTHOR PROFILE: Donald Norbie is in fellowship with the assembly in Greeley, Colorado, and is a commended full-time worker. A regular contributor to Precious Seed and other assembly magazines his ministry is widely appeciated throughout N. America and the UK.

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