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‘So great salvation’, Heb. 2. 3

‘The common salvation’, Jude 1. 3

It is a wonderful thing to be saved and a great privilege to be able to follow the Lord Jesus. We exult in the fact that our sins, though many, are all forgiven. Furthermore, we are justified and on our way to heaven. We look forward to the Lord’s return but should we die before He comes we have no fear of death because it is but the door to heaven and to the presence of the Lord. Indeed, Paul himself said that he had a compelling desire to depart and to be with Christ. This he judged to be very far better. All these blessings, and many more, are ours in the Lord. The writer to the Hebrews in chapter 12 verse 6 describes it as ‘so great salvation’. That is precisely what it is. It is great because of its Provider, God Himself. It is great because it was the Lord Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for sin and opened up the way back to God for us. It is great because sins are forgiven. It is great because there is no possibility of losing it, see the Answer given in Question Time on the back cover page of this issue.

Jude refers to the same salvation as ‘the common salvation’. It is certainly not common because it is ordinary; in reality, it is quite extraordinary! It is described as common because it is available to all; rich or poor; young or old; great or small. Here, then, is a salvation which is truly great because it is genuinely common. We share it and rejoice together in it.

You may have noticed in the last issue of the magazine its name has been changed to Precious Seed International. This is to reflect the international aspects of the work in that around 50% of all the magazines distributed go to overseas addresses and an increasing number of our authors are from assemblies abroad. It also distinguishes the magazine work from the books publication programme (Precious Seed Publications) and the web site (Precious Seed Web). We plan to enlarge our book publishing operation and to develop the web site to meet the needs of our readers and especially the younger generation. We are starting work on a New Testament Commentary series and will also seek to republish some of the booklets that we have published in the past as well as new compilations from magazine articles. This is a demanding challenge in the work and extra hands are needed to accomplish the tasks ahead. By the end of this year we will have sorted out who does what and will advise readers when we have decided the various responsibilities.

Also, in the May issue of Precious Seed International I mentioned that another three members of the Committee will retire at the end of 2009 and it has been the committee’s exercise before the Lord that we should find brethren sound in the faith and committed to assembly principles and distinctives to replace them. A number having been approached have indicated their desire to join us in the work of this ministry and we therefore are delighted to welcome Brian Clatworthy (Newton Abbot), Ian Grant (Aberdeen) and Ken Totton (Stowmarket) as trustees and committee members. The brethren retiring are Malcolm Horlock, Robert Brown and Michael Jones. A tribute to them will appear in the November issue, DV.

I do hope you will enjoy the articles in this the August edition and I would remind you that we are always pleased to hear from our readers. Many write words that encourage us and we are of course open to constructive criticism that will help the work to prosper. If you have any questions or comments please contact the Secretary, John Scarsbrook, who will answer your queries or pass your question on to the appropriate committee member.

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