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Sound Teaching on Electronic Media

Although the front of this site is very basic, you should not be put off by its simplicity. Behind the rather drab ‘cover’ lies a wealth of Bible teaching from earlier generations of assemblybased writers. Although most have an Exclusive background and some writings are now very dated and the issues they tackled no longer of significant interest, time spent on the site could be rewarding.

The ‘site search’ is a useful tool. It uses the Google search engine for searching the material on the site and, as such, will be familiar to most Internet users. However, as an ill-defined search on the Internet can generate millions of sites, the user can be easily overwhelmed by the entries that will be generated here!

For most it would be advisable to spend time getting to know the site’s contents relative to the material that might be of interest. The Topic Index is quite extensive with 500 entries on 50 topics that make articles and books on a subject easy to locate. There is also a detailed list of books including Old and New Testament commentaries, which is very helpful. For those interested in aspects of history there is the book Short Papers on Church History and the Morrish Bible Dictionary that can be located on the site.

For those with an interest in hymns and hymn tunes there is ample material for perusal. While many may not be familiar with the Little Flock and Spiritual Songs hymnbooks, many of the hymns and their authors may be well known. There is a fairly comprehensive bank of tunes which can be played on your computer and this may offer the opportunity to add variety to those tunes that are available to the precentor on Lord’s Day mornings.

In the main you can be assured that the majority of the material found here will be spiritually sound, if, as has been already stated at times, dated. Though the names of Darby, Kelly, Mackintosh, Dennett, Fereday and Rossier may not be known to many, yet they were spiritual giants of their day and a reading of their material will be worthwhile, the first two writers for their profundity and the rest for their pithy simplicity.