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Precious Seed

Software. Published by Nelson Electronic Media. Available from Sunrise Software, Wesley House, PO Box 300, Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle, CA3 0QS. Price £44.95 (discounts available).

For a price as low as £14.95 (the discount price at the time of writing this review) this software contains a mountain of helpful material for those who like to do their Bible study on computer. Some of the volumes that can be accessed, searched, copied, and linked include: Bibles such as KJV, NKJV, RSV, and DARBY’s New Translation; Study Bibles such as NELSON’s, and MACARTHUR’s, NAVE’s Topical Bible; Greek Tools including VINE’s Expository Dictionary, STRONG’s Dictionary, STRONG’s Enhanced Lexicon, NESTLE-ALAND Greek Text; Dictionary’s including NELSON’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, SMITH’s Bible Dictionary; Commentaries that form part of the package are VINE’s Collected Writings, MATTHEW HENRY’s Complete Bible Commentary, MACDONALD’s Believer’s Bible Commentary, KJV Bible Commentary, and the NELSON’s New Illustrated Bible Commentary. These are just a part of the extensive electronic library contained on this CD-ROM.

The Ultimate Bible Reference Library uses the Libronix platform on which to base its new web-feel software. This reviewer, who migrated from Nelson’s Electronic Bible Reference Library, was pleasantly surprised by the interactivity and ease of use of this new engine - it does most of the work for you. By one click you can undertake searches that compare books, create verse-by-verse notes, undertake word studies, integrate texts, and search your library of books. What can make this software particularly helpful is the extra electronic books that can be purchased and integrated into this package – this extensive list can be viewed at Users with an Internet link will be informed of all new electronic book releases automatically.

With any software package there will be volumes in its vast library of books that some users would not choose to have. These can be ‘switched off’ so that they do not necessarily appear in the available resources.

Although the package claims to run on Windows 98 machines it will be considerably slower than on those designed for Windows XP. Overall, this is an excellent acquisition for the small outlay needed. It will prove helpful to any who want an easy introduction to Bible study on computer.

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