What the Bible Teaches – Joshua, Judges and Ruth

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Precious Seed

Hardback, 526pp. Published by John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, KA3 1RH, UK Price £19.95, ISBN 1 904064 34 5.

All three writers of this latest volume in the What the Bible Teaches series will be well known for their oral ministry over a wide area as well as two of them being contributors to this magazine’s publications. Although the series is not intended to provide a verse by verse study of Old Testament books there is plenty of detail, both in the consideration of the text as well as the teaching that can be drawn from it.

Mr. Grant deals with the book of Joshua at some length, expending particular space on chapters 1 to 12. His approach contains much that is helpful and that fulfils what might be described as his theme, ‘The believer should not forget that his spiritual experience will never lose the character of a conflict until he enters heaven’. Mr. Lacey’s treatment of Judges is not as long but is, nevertheless, pithy. One example is his comment upon Shamgar, ‘He did for God what he could, with what he had, and God honoured him for that’. For those who are familiar with Mr. Flanigan’s other writings in this series of commentaries, his contribution to this book is full of similar spiritual warmth.

As with previous books, this volume is highly recommended as an asset to any believer’s library and as profitable to all who have an interest in the study of the word of God.

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