The First Day of the Week


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From the times of the apostles, the first day of the week has been held in honour by Christians as The Lord's Day, Rev. 1.10. The reasons for this are that it was on the first day of the week that the Lord Jesus Christ rose again from the dead, John 20. 1. It was the day on which the disciples first met the Lord alive again after His resurrection, John 20. 19. It was also the day specially set apart for the disciples to come together to eat the Lord's Supper, Acts 20. 7. Again, it was the day on which the saints were to consider how God had prospered them in material things, and, in the light of His goodness, to lay by them such things as would serve to meet the needs of others, and as a thank-offering to the Lord, 1 Cor. 16. 2. Are these good reasons why I honour the first day of the week? If so, let me beware lest I may forget them, and by so doing fail to honour my Lord. (D.C.)

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