That the World May Know

Dr. Frederick A. Tatford

Category: Book Review

That the World May Know is a comprehensive work of reference in 10 volumes relating to 150 years of Worldwide Assembly Missionary Work. Obtainable from Echoes Publica­tions, 1 Widcombe Crescent, Bath 6AQ, U.K., who are to be complimented both on obtaining Dr. Tatford's co-operation in the production of such a monumental under­taking, and in the delightful way they have presented the volumes so far.

To enable readers readily to find in­formation about any assembly missionary, or sphere of service, there is a full index to each volume together with other valuable appendices. The unfolding story of the Lord's work, set against the historical, geographical and cultural background of those who sit in darkness, is thrilling to read. With the help of maps and copious illustrations one is enabled to follow the steps of many a pioneer, and share the problems facing those who have gone out with the gospel solely in dependence upon the Lord to sustain them.

Here is certainly value for money. For those who will find the outlay for all the volumes beyond their means, it might be possible to persuade their assembly to invest in a set, and thus make them available to its members on a loan basis. By one way or another, we would recommend all in assemblies to make every effort to read these books, for to read them must lead to praying for the Lord's work in every place. Six volumes are now available:

Vol. 1 The Restless Middle East

£3.95 plus £1.35 p. & p. Vol. 2. Dawn over Latin America

£6.95 plus £1.35 p. & p. Vol. 3. The Challenge of India

£6.95 plus £1.35 p. & p. Vol. 4. The Muslim World

£5.95 plus £1.35 p. & p. Vol. 5. The Mysterious Far East

£6.95 plus £1.35 p. & p. Vol. 6. Light over the Dark Continent

£7.65 plus £1.35 p. & p.