Daily Thought for: 22nd August


Daniel 9. 1-27

Daniel’s diligence in the study of God’s word is rewarded with a revelation of divine truth recorded years before by Jeremiah. Daniel’s reaction to this revelation was not one of complacent satisfaction but rather provoked within him a deeper desire to uncover more of the truth of God. The period of divine probation was nearing an end and the man of God’s burden was to engage the thrown of heaven and move the hand of God. For those who desire such effectiveness before God, Daniel’s example is detailed and challenging. Here is a man who will break through and beyond the barriers of normal daily prayer life and delve into the deep things of God through spiritual determination, self sacrifice and a demonstration of seriousness in sackcloth and ashes. Despite the passing of many years Daniel rehearsed in the presence of God the sins of the people. We must remember that God always deals with sin and only then will it be remembered no more. We must never be deceived into thinking that the passage of time lessens the effect of sin before God and it is therefore necessary to deal with the difficulty in His presence. 

The greatest challenge in this portion of Scripture lies in to what extent we will follow Daniel’s example of approach before God. This is not a public exercise but one which will be known only to God. It will teach us that afflictions of the soul and sense of deep burden in the divine presence will bring into focus the mind of God for the individual and for the Lord’s people. There are dimensions of relationship and communion with God which casual daily prayer can never reach but to anyone who is serious about the issue of intimate communion with God there will be a reciprocal response from heaven. 

Daniel experiences a breakthrough and Gabriel touches him at the time of the evening oblation. For years God would have been denied His portion from His people as they languished in Babylon, but the signal of a new day centred around the time of sacrifice. Does this not suggest to us that the beginning of real recovery lies with a rendering of something that is authentic and true for God? Perhaps with such an exercise we too could be acknowledged by God as one ‘Greatly beloved’. 


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