Daily Thought for: 22nd July


Esther 4. 1-17

When delivering His people from the designs of the wicked Haman, God, in His providence, used queen Esther who was herself a Jew. He raised up Esther to hold an important position. She was His chosen instrument who was to be a vital intercessor for His threatened people. 

Important. Through a combination of circumstances, Esther was made queen of Persia, Esther 2. 17. In His sovereignty, the Lord used one of high rank to effect His purposes; cf. Isa. 44. 28; 45. 1. However, He can use those who are far from mighty to further His designs, 1 Cor. 1. 26-29. The Lord Jesus came into the world as One of lowly status, Luke 1. 26-27; 52. In Esther’s day, He needed one with access to the most powerful man in the known world. He is prepared to use those in high or lowly positions as it pleases Him. His ways are past finding out, Rom. 11. 33! 

Instrument. Queen Esther was instrumental in carrying out God’s sovereign purposes. She was the vital link in the divine chain of events; cf. Acts 9. 10. The overthrow of Haman and salvation of her people were in her hands and, with constant support from Mordecai, eventually these objectives were realised. The word of Mordecai, ‘who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?’, 4. 14, states succinctly the situation the Jews faced, the supervision of an Almighty hand and the salvation which was to be effected through Esther being God’s willing instrument. Am I prepared to do His bidding? 

Intercessor. As we pray to the King of kings, we can learn much from queen Esther’s approach to the king. (i) Personal purification. This was not accomplished rapidly. It took 12 months, 2. 12. (ii) Patience. 7th year of reign, 2. 16 (3rd year, 1. 3). She needed to be acquainted with the king before pleading with him. (iii) Perilous situation, 2. 21. There are enemies in high places, Eph. 6. 12. Haman appears in 3. 1. (iv) Preparation, 4. 5, 8, 16. (v) Presentation, 5. 1-2. Submission to the will of the king, 5. 4, 8; 7. 3; 8. 5, brought about the reversal of Haman’s wicked designs. 


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